Maritime Law

Also known as the law of the sea, maritime law is a separate body of substantive and procedural laws governing cruise ships, business transacted at sea and the duties, rights and liabilities of ship masters and other maritime workers. From lost or damaged cargo to injured passengers and seamen, the Weston Law Group has experience and in-depth knowledge regarding maritime cases.

Attorney Bradford Weston: Types of Maritime Law Cases

Attorney Bradford Weston is the Northern California maritime lawyer and San Francisco Bay maritime law attorney who has handled wake damage, towage contracts, criminal activity and salvage awards under maritime law. Often, these cases are heard in federal court. Maritime laws are in place to regulate commerce between the states and with foreign countries. Disputes concerning salvage awards are typically determined by contract or by the court.

San Francisco Maritime Lawyer: Bradford Weston

Personal injury cases governed by maritime law have unique issues, and it’s best to hire an experienced maritime lawyer like attorney Bradford Weston. For example, passengers injured by the negligence of a cruise line may be limited to compensation based on the terms of their ticked. In addition, notice and the time for filing a lawsuit may be just one year. Attorney Bradford Weston will ensure that all of the required deadlines are met. For seaman hurt on the job, receiving compensation under maritime is sometimes even more complex. The Jones Act stipulates the requirements of a seamen. If the Jones Act applies, the injured part is entitled to a jury trial. At the same time, if the death of a coworker or employer is the result of negligence, surviving family members are legally entitled to file a lawsuit.

If employees do not qualify as seamen under the Jones Act, they may collect compensation under the Doctrine of Unseaworthiness. This doctrine imposes a duty on ship owners to equip and maintain their ships properly. In the case of improper maintenance, employers are legally required to pay the expenses of crew members in the case of an accident.

All around, maritime law is complicated. It combines private contracts, international treaties, modern legislation and centuries-old doctrines. If you’re facing a maritime law matter, it’s wise to hire an attorney who includes maritime law in their practice and is proficient in this category of law. The Weston Law Group has years of experience in maritime law cases. Let their experience work for you.