Even if it’s a first offense with a DWI/DUI, it’s smart to hire an attorney. DUI laws are not only complex but are always evolving. Making a poor decision without legal advice can have a profound impact on the consequences, cost and consideration associated with a DUI case. Since 1992, the Weston Law Group has been assisting clients with DUI charges and provides excellent representation and stays up-to-date on current case law and statutory developments.

Attorney Bradford Weston: Court System, DMV System, Analysis and Sentencing

Attorney Bradford Weston is the Vallejo criminal defense attorney and Northern California DUI lawyer who understands the courts and the courts’ process. He can help you effectively navigate the criminal justice system. He also knows the DMV system and its hearing procedures and administrative actions regarding revocation, restriction or suspension of a license.

Attorney Bradford Weston is skilled at DUI case preparation and analysis. He knows how to research, investigate and evaluate issues pertinent to the case. Effective DUI representation also requires knowledge of the science involved in breath and blood alcohol analysis and can identify potential problems in the testing process to benefit your case. Plus, he understands sentencing and its alternatives to meet confinement sanctions that result in less disruption to employment and family obligations.

There are many times when going it alone is just not enough. Without a doubt, it’s imperative to hire a DUI attorney if you’ve already had other DUIs. If your DUI arrest was the result of an accident or if anyone was injured or killed, an attorney is a must-have, as the consequences may be severe and even result in prison time. Those who are professional drivers whose income depends on keeping their driver’s license also need to hire an experienced DUI attorney. After all, driving is your livelihood. When facing a hefty fine, loss of license or jail time, it only makes sense to use a DUI attorney.

The Weston Law Group

With the Weston Law Group, you get an attorney who has the professional experience and legal acumen to effectively represent you in a DUI charge. We’re partners with you who share a common goal – achieving the best outcome and protecting your rights under the law. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, be sure to give us a call for the best legal advice. We take the time to listen to your side and help develop an effective defense strategy.