Client Reviews

Definitely the best choice

As a former client, I like to say that Mr. Weston is an attorney with excellent personal and work ethics; always professional and looking out for his clients’ best interest. He really goes to work for you. I definitely recommend Brad Weston.
Mr. Weston, my son and I thank you very much!!!!

- (5 star review)


I was a first time offender in my DUI case. He was very knowledgeable, kept me well informed, and was there for any questions and concerns I had. I would definatly recommend this attorney to anyone.

- (5 star review)

Excellant Lawyer – Best Lawyer I Ever Had – Highly Reccommended!!

My case went like clockwork. Better than I ever thought possible. Wow, what a relief!!

- (5 star review)

Criminal Charges

Mr. Weston is an amazing attorney that not only kept me up to date with all the case information but is also a down to earth guy who’s not “full of himself” and treats everyone fairly. In addition, i had to post bail in my case and an agent named Mike was there in court for me and made the process a lot easier for both myself and the attorney. I would recommend Mr. Weston to anyone in need of a great Attorney

- (5 star review)


I retained Bradford to defend my sister on criminal charges (sales and transportation of drugs) I decided to retain Bradford because he gave me a reasonable fee and I felt that he was very honest since the beginning. He was always in contact with me and would let me know what was going on with my sister’s case. My sister ended up going to trial and Mr. Weston was in a two day trial and after two hours my sister was acquitted. And was able to be home with the family. Mr. Weston made it possible for her to come home. He knew what he was doing and was very reasponsible. I would highly recommend Mr. Weston, he is a great and honest lawyer.

- (5 star review)

Current Client of Mr. Weston

Mr. Weston has represented me in multiple counties, including Colusa, Tehama and Lake County. So far his performance has been above and beyond the call of duty. If you are looking for an Attorney with people skills and patience, Mr. Weston will answer your prayers. I recently was facing some stiff county time due to a possible 3-time DUI offense but this highly regarded professional was able to step up to the plate and perform a miracle as I was charged instead with a wet and wreckless and received the minimum sentence and fine. I highly reccommend Mr. Weston as he has proven to deliver what he promises and follows through with the verbal assurance that a client of my situation appreciated and will never forget.

- (5 star review)

Great Family Law/Child Custody Attorney!

I had the unforntunate experience of having to go through a divorce. I have two children with my ex-wife. Things got nasty and she starting throwing around terms like child abuse. I was referred to Brad Weston from a trusted friend. From the moment Mr. Weston took my case I felt in good hands. He quickly squashed any talk of child abuse in our custody hearings. He knew the penal code inside and out and was able to defend me vigorously. He was then able to negotiate a fair divorce settlement. He also made me feel confident I wasn’t paying any more for child support than I was legally required to. I would recommend Brad Weston to anybody looking for legal services.

- (5 star review)

Brad Weston saved my son.

Brad has been representing my son since May of 2010 in what turned out to be a long, complicated series of drug possesion/trafficing/ sales charges involving three different counties; Colusa, Contra Costa and Santa Clara. My son was addicted to methamphetamine and was innitially arrested in Colusa County. My husband and I were frantic, overwelmed and did not know how to proceed. Our prayers were answered when we received a letter of introduction from Brad. When I contacted him I was immediately reassured and felt a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. He was confident, knowledgible, reassuring and most of all compasssionate. Since his fee was affordable, there was no question in our minds that this was the attorney that should represent our son. He negotiated a great deal for our son but, due to his severe addiction problem he could not comply with outpatient rehab and the many stipulations contained within prop 36. His legal situation escalated into more arrests, warrants and ultimately ended up with him being jailed in Sanrta Clara County without bail.

We immediately contacted Brad and retained his services. Once again, Brad gave us hope and strategized a new plan. There are numerous attorneys available with good reputations for getting people out of trouble with reduced sentences. What distinguishes Brad from other attorneys is the fact that he cares about his clients and wants what is best for them and their families. Brad had several meaningful conversations with my son and was instrumental in guiding him to make better decisions. He works independently so, you only speak to him. He is readily available by phone and keeps you informed. My son wanted to be drug free and did not want to spend his life in and out of prison.. Brad was able to negotiate with three District Attorneys and three Judges to release my son into a residence rehab facility for one year of treatment in lieu of serving prison time. Additionally, Brad helped by using his influence to get my son admitted to the rehab facility.

I am pleased to announce that my son has been clean and sober for 13 months. Thanks to Brad Weston’s legal skills and caring my son has resolution with two counties, Colusa pending, until July, 2011 and he will graduate from his rehab program in two weeks. The deals he negotiated far surpassed what we thought were possible. If my son can continue down the path he is on now, he could end up with a felony-free record. However, most important, Brad gave my son a second chance at reconstructing his life.

- (5 star review)

Parole violation

He was available at first call and I a couple hours of contact he have all the case information and action plan.
Next day in the morning he went to Pittsburg court to review that case and was forward to WC court. The same afternoon he have the case schedule and he got the warrant recall and a new court citation . In addition bail was dismiss and have a new life .

Thanks Brad you are a great lawyer.

- (5 star review)

What a guy!

Mr. Weston represented me in a restraing order hearing. It was based on fabricated evidance and two women lying for eachother. Mr. Weston pointed out the discrepencies in their story presented my side case dismissed! Mr. Weston you are great and made me feel confident everything would be ok. This is the lawyer you want on your team!

- (5 star review)

Help from Wyoming

I am a veteran and recently found myself in need of an attorney. I left an abusive relationship in Fairfeild, CA for greener pastures in Colorado. However when I arrived I had some legal problems that followed me. I ended up hospitalized in Wyoming and Mr. Weston was able to handle every this in my two court cases over the phone. I am currently atticipating 2 court dates, one in Salono, County and one in Sacramento County. Due to my hospitlization Mr. Weston has agreed to appear in court on my behalf to help get my cases laid to rest. All in all he has been a great support and I would recommened him to anyone in the future.

- (5 star review)

Great DUI defense

I had a DUI arrest up in Colusa/Glenn County. Mr. Weston took the case and got me a Wet Reckless charge rather than a DUI charge and I was able to avoid a license suspension both from the court and DMV. I was able to continue driving and working and this made things much easier for me. Mr. Weston was prompt and professional, yet fun to work with. I would highly reccommend Mr. Weston.

- (5 star review)

kohls kash

I recommend Brad to anyone for any case. He kept me informed on every matter and was very reasonable. He listened to me and treated me as a person not just another case number.

- (5 star review)

The Best Attorney

Bradforf is amazing. I was charged with tree charges which were driving under influence, hit and run and DUI causing an injure and all of this under falony. Plus I had two prior DUIs and a prior hit and run. I hired Bradford and he has done an amazing job. I went out with a misdemeanor, leaving the scene of an accident, a small fee and 30 days of work project. That’s it. I definitely recommend him. He’s does his job and he really cares.

- (5 star review)

I got arrested for a DUI on a bicycle and obstruction of “justice”.

Yes. A dui on a bike. They also wanted to charge me with assault on an officer because the bike I was riding had no breaks and hit a cop when I jumped off of it.

Brad apparently works with the DA so much around here that he made one phone call and they did not file charges. Over $6k in charges, gone. He is very well connected and knows how to work the system.

- (5 star review)